4 Ways to Fight Fair in Marriage

Mark and I recently did a weekend marriage conference. We had just completed a session about how to fight fair in marriage when a young, newly-married, couple approached me during the break. The moment I was free they leaned in with an anxious look…

facebook rules

7 Facebook Rules for Couples

I love Facebook, I really do. It’s great for keeping up with my friends; it’s great for getting a heads up about special deals, and it’s great for getting to know our Facebook friends of iMOM and Susanme. However, there is one big thing that…

best intentions

7 Marriage Resolutions

Years ago, before marrying Mark, I visited an older friend who had a great relationship with her husband. Since I hoped to get married myself one day, I asked her advice on how to have a great marriage. I waited expectantly for her to…

conflict in marriage
Marriage Podcast

Prickly Spouse? Prepare for the Porcupine Part 2

Mark and I are no strangers to conflict. We are both passionate and that fact shows up often in our communication style. While I’m always up for a debate, constant conflict in marriage can put an unwelcome strain on a marriage. Lasting conflict in marriage…

prickly spouse
Marriage Podcast

Prickly Spouse? Prepare for the Porcupine Part 1

My husband, Mark, often describes himself as a porcupine because as he says, “he can get a little prickly.” The reality is we all have porcupine moments in our relationships and especially in marriage. Acknowledging that you can be difficult and identifying what triggers…

christmas life hacks

8 Christmas Life Hacks You’ll Love!

If there was ever a time moms could use some really good life hacks—it’s the Christmas season! {Tweet This} Short of having your own work crew of eager elves, these Christmas life hacks are the next best thing! So here are 8 Christmas Life Hacks that I love.…