how to control anger with kids

Anger Management 101 for Moms

How can someone so small make you so angry? I mean, really, did you ever think a four-year-old would be able to push your buttons so expertly? And why is it that you can control your temper with 99 percent of the people you…

what men say about romance

What Men Have to Say about Romance

I did a test survey of fifty men on a retreat. When I asked the question "Do you yourself desire romance?" one of the men answered, "Yes, very much," but added in the margin, "but we have different definitions." That led me to want…

hearing God
Lessons I Learned

3 Musts to Hearing the Voice of God

Have you ever been praying and all of the sudden, you are prompted in a way you have never experienced before? I think moms, in general, are intuitive; however, we doubt ourselves. We wonder if what we heard was from God or from our…

mental illness

Don’t Let Addiction Thrive in Darkness

Do you know of a family member or a close friend who suffers from addiction? How has their family reacted? Have they been open about their struggles with the mental illness or have they kept them hidden in the dark? I understand these can be…