Bible Book Club

New Podcast: Bible Book Club

If you get this post, you are a faithful friend because I haven’t written in, well, years!

It has been a different season, one in which Family First has grown and with it the opportunity to increase my role in overseeing our main programs: iMOM and All Pro Dad. Sharing my parenting and marriage journey was not something I could keep up with in my expanded role. And really, while you never stop parenting, I don’t have nearly as many stories to share with you now that my children are grown.

I have enjoyed my new behind-the-websites role, though, because it gave me more creative energy to do things like lead a small group at church. The small group led to new friendships, and the friends led to ideas, and an idea led to the creation of a new podcast. And here I am, back online, launching the Bible Book Club podcast! I feel like a boomerang, no matter how far I fly, I end up back where I started. 

But not exactly! 

This podcast is a book club, but you don’t ever have to read. The book is the greatest bestseller of all time, one everyone wants to read at least once. You only have to listen, we are going to read it to you. Like every book, there will be themes, plots, characters, and lots of discussions. But unlike every book, what you learn will change your life. is home base. Join us here for resources, show notes, and our producer, Hayley Mizell’s take on each episode.

I’m excited to get this book club started. Listen alone, or grab some friends and start a group.

Bible Book Club is on all the podcast platforms. Please subscribe, rate, share and help get the Word out!

Check out the first episode here

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