genesis 2

Genesis 2: God Created Us

Welcome back! (Hayley here.) Glad you made it to Genesis 2 with us. Last week in Chapter 1, we got a fresh perspective on God creating our world. This week, is more personal...a glimpse of how God made us. If you look around today, you…

god created

Genesis 1: God Created

Welcome back, friends! (This is Hayley.) For some, this might be the first time hearing the creation story but I have heard it many, many times. A new perspective on these verses is welcomed and Susan and Heather delivered.…

Genesis 1

Genesis Overview: In the Beginning

Hayley (Bible Book Club Producer) here. Here we are- the inaugural episode and starting in the beginning, literally. So, I know it has already been said but let me reiterate--welcome to the club! Our Bible Book Club time has become a highlight of my week. To…

Bible Book Club

New Podcast: Bible Book Club

The Bible. It’s been the #1 book sold since the day it was written, but have you read it? And if you read it, did you understand it? Heather Rubio and Susan Merrill read, discuss, and explore the only book ever written that can…

crave connection

I was Craving a Connection to My Kids

Do your conversations with your daughter ever seem like a litany of corrections and instructions? Perhaps they sound like this: “Did you brush your teeth?” Please don’t provoke your brother!” “Your softball uniform is on the dryer.” With school, sports, recitals, holidays, and church programs-…

from me to you

From Me to You

We arrived at school, the kids got out the car, and I drove away, marveling that Megan had put into practice what we had discussed. I so badly wanted to encourage her to continue being patient with her siblings.  Then my joy turned pensive. I began…