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From Me to You

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We arrived at school, the kids got out the car, and I drove away, marveling that Megan had put into practice what we had discussed. I was so excited and wanted to encourage her to continue being patient with her siblings. 

Then my excitement turned pensive. I began to worry that I would forget to praise her after school. I knew I would be distracted getting all the kids where they needed to be, finishing homework, preparing dinner…you know the drill. But I was not going to miss this opportunity to encourage her. I drove home and immediately wrote her a long note of praise and left it on her pillow. Why are indelible words on paper often more powerful than fleeting comments?

This is where our From Me to You journals idea came to life! I am thrilled to share the From Me to You Conversation Journals with you! The journals helped me build a deeper connection with my children. Writing back and forth with my kids has opened a window to their hearts and gave me great peace about no longer missing parenting opportunities. The journals provide a great way for you to share positive words of encouragement your child can read over and over.

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Encourage, Encourage, Encourage!

When I started From Me to You my primary goal was to know, that no matter how crazy busy life got, I had encouraged my child. Here on this page, I want to help you find the words that will give your child the courage for whatever life has for them. There are several lists, printable sticker templates to use in your journal, and even a “your turn” bookmark so that you won’t ever miss a conversation! 

from me to you

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Copy: Is busyness crushing connection between you and your kids? Mark and Susan Merrill have 2 new conversation journals to help. There’s one for sons and one for daughters! #FromMeToYou and

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Copy: 2019 goal: Connect with your kids! My friends Mark and Susan Merrill have 2 new conversation journals out, one for sons and one for daughters.#FromMeToYou and

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