Bible Book Club Podcast

Susan Merrill, Bible Book Club Co-host

If you had to describe her in one word, Susan’s descriptor: teacher. Susan’s lifelong and constant love of learning is where the podcast idea and book club originated. Along with her love of learning, Susan is also a wife to husband Mark, mother of 5 now-grown children, full-time marketing and program officer at Family First, and author. Even though an open skeptic of the Enneagram test, (she’s a 7 in denial), she loves to learn the ins and outs of everyone she meets (personality tests are her favorite obsession). And if you are to know Susan, you have to know her favorite word: ponder. Give her any moment of downtime and Susan will use it to ponder (given it is NOT Monday night–The Voice, anyone?)

Heather Rubio, Bible Book Club Co-host

Wife, mother of 2 teenage kids, professional advertising & marketing executive, avid reader, lifelong learner, and lover of Jesus, Heather makes up ⅓ of the Bible Book Club crew. Heather’s enneagram?: 1. (She might be a recovering perfectionist.) And for those of you familiar with the DISC test–Heather’s DISC profile is a straight-up D. Don’t ask her if she likes your outfit if you don’t want to know the truth! When not podcasting, Heather fills her days enjoying work, church, date nights with her husband Chris, family time, boating in sunny Tampa all while juggling at least one (more like 5) DIY house projects.


Hayley Mowatt, Bible Book Club Producer

The millennial of the group, Hayley owns the behind-the-scenes of the Bible Book Club operation. Being the detailed one of the trio, Hayley uses her sass and scheduling skills to ensure that the podcast recordings actually occur. Loyal as they come, Hayley is a 6 on the Enneagram test to a T. When not writing for the book club, Hayley works with Susan at Family First as a project strategist and spends downtime surrounded by family, friends, and her new husband.

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