How to Love Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind

This week, I heard a viral recording of a hilarious high school answering machine. The options for the parents to choose in the recording were ridiculous. Some of the options included were, “To make excuses as to why your child did not do his homework, press 2” and “To request another teacher for the third time this year, press 8.” The teachers of the school unanimously voted for this message because they were just fed up with the parents’ demands.…

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summer romance with husband

9 Ideas for a Summer Romance with Your Husband

Frank Lutes romanced his wife Mary far beyond flowers and candy. He was recognized by Woman’s Day magazine as being the world’s most romantic husband. Probably his most romantic gesture of their 65-year marriage happened when he found out the hotel where they spent…

family fun night

20 Ideas for a Family Fun Night

A friend of mine has a fun family tradition. Every year, he spends one night with his children where there are no rules. I repeat, no rules. This night is crazy! Each No Rules Night is different than the last. The kids can do…

couples bucket list

Husband and Wife Bucket List

When first in love, life is simple and sweet. You and your spouse stay up late dreaming dreams and making plans for how things will go. Everything seems promising and exciting. But then life happens. Those dreams you dreamed are pushed aside and saved…


How to Get Kids to Listen

Many a mother has puzzled over this: how to get kids to listen and follow through on what they’ve heard. As a wise man wrote, We want our children to be doers, not just hearers. I know that I have a part in guiding my children from hearing…


6 Mistakes to Avoid When Raising a Son

I have two sons and three daughters. They’ve grown into awesome young adults, but there were huge bumps along the way. Now that I’ve come out on the other side of the childhood years, I want to warn you about some of the mistakes I…