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This past Sunday in church my pastor shared a quote that made everyone laugh, but it’s actually really, really sad. He told us that Prince Edward of England was quoted as saying, “The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children.” Ugh! Is this true? Possibly, I meet moms every day who are frustrated that they can’t get their kids to behave. Perhaps kids don’t behave because we just don’t have the time anymore to…

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lawnmower parents

The Lawnmower Mom

I’m leading a small group on Genesis, so I’ve been reading a lot about the Patriarchs and, in particular, Jacob. At the end of his life, Jacob blessed each of his 12 sons, but some of the blessings weren’t what we would normally consider…

lifestyle choices

3 Risky Choices Your Child May Learn From You

The secret to loving your children well is showing them how to live well through the choices you make.  One of my girls is pregnant. It was surprising to me how many foods and medicines she has been told to avoid for the health…

teen challenges

Are You Ready for These 5 Teen Challenges?

The other day, I had a friend confide in me the struggles she’s facing with her adolescent son. His temper is out of control…his grades are slipping…his relationship with his sister is far from great…and on and on. My heart broke for my friend.…

how to be sneaky

3 Ways to be a Sneaky Mom

I am a sneaky mom. I will sometimes work quietly, without my children knowing it, to help them along—not to interfere, but to put opportunities for growth or involvement in their path. And I'm not the only sneaky mom out there! A friend of mine said…

the future

Is Your Marriage Slipping into the Future?

Most people (myself included!) spend their lives in the Someday Zone. We say things like, Someday, I’ll… And we fill in the blank. Someday I’ll apply for that dream job. Someday I’ll take my spouse to Europe. Someday I’ll try marriage counseling. Someday I’ll get…