How to Prepare Your Kids for the World

From the time my children were born, I have been overcome with the need to protect them. I remember the first time flying with my newborn daughter in my arms. I have never been so afraid to step on a plane, a place where I had no control! As a mom, I am the wall of protection between my child and the world. As my kids grew my fears changed and I stopped hovering like a helicopter. I learned to…

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meaning of christmas

5 Ways to Keep the Meaning in Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches I’m reminded of my childhood. I always felt excited about everything: the decorations, the food, the shows, and especially the presents. It was easy for me to focus on the festivities and lose sight of the real meaning of…

mindful parenting

How to Find Your Purpose in Parenting

I know many of you can’t picture this day, but it will come. The day you drop your child off at college. When we dropped off my oldest child at her dorm and drove away, my husband was in tears. I couldn’t cry because I…

rahab story
Lessons I Learned

Rahab: Would You be Her Friend?

A few months ago in a previous vlog, I went on a panoptic journey through the Bible focusing solely on women. The study led me to a discovery about two female powerhouses: Ruth and Esther. In my research, I clearly saw how God uses each of…

toddler tantrums

How to Deal With Toddler Tantrums

If you’ve ever wondered how to deal with toddler tantrums, we have the answer for you—very carefully. Yes, that’s a joke, but it does have some truth in it. The toddler stage can be trying for a mom as her baby turns into a little…


What to Teach Your Child Before 12

What is the purpose for your parenting? Before we can parent effectively, our purpose needs to be clear. When we have that clarity, we will be able to train our children to be responsible adults when they leave us. One of the most important developmental stages…