10 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband

flirt with your husband

Do you remember the first days of your relationship with your spouse? If you were like me, your heart would flutter at a meaningful glance, flirtatious comment, or in my case, the handsomest guy I had ever met knocking on my door holding Belgian chocolate chip ice cream and asking if he could pray with me! After years of marriage, kids, demanding jobs, and hectic schedules, those fluttery feelings are distant memories. That doesn’t mean we can’t be romantic, it just means in our distraction we put it down and we need to pick it up where we left off.

One night as my husband, Mark, and I were driving home, and I was feeling a little romantic. He was driving which gave me total music control, so I decided to play him a Tony Bennett song that we love.  So crazy how one little switch on a playlist can change a boring zero car ride into a fun (or funny if you could see us singing) and romantic sing along serenade.

I’ve come to realize that one of the best parts of being married is always having someone to flirt with because at the end of the day, flirting is simply turning the ordinary moments into extraordinary moments. Unfortunately, we can forget that in the middle of our busy, distracted lives.

So here are 10 ways to flirt with your husband and make the ordinary moments in your life together extraordinary:

1. Play a love song in the car. 

Nothing beats turning a boring car ride into a chance for romance! Even better, pair a sappy song with an unexpected kiss at the next red light.

2. Text him when you’re in the same room.

Why wait until you’re apart to text him a little something sweet? This works especially well when at a social gathering with lots of people around.  You know the kind where you are huddled up with your friends and he is across the room with his friends. Here are 10 Texts to Send Your Husband that he will love. 

3. Wear his favorite outfit.

If you know he loves the way you look in that little black dress, then maybe it’s time to take it out from the back of your closet, even if the occasion is simply to dress up for him. Worried it doesn’t fit? Mark’s favorite outfit is no outfit! Try it, your husband may like it too.

4. Ask him on a date. 

Surprise your husband by asking him on a date! I am not particularly good at this one so give me some date ideas in the comments below.  Would be appreciated :)

5. Laugh at his cheesy jokes.

Laughing with your man is a great way to affirm him. That includes the joke you’ve heard a million times. My kids tease Mark about this all the time, he makes the same one-liners over and over.  I just laugh anyway.

6. Write him a love note.

Never forget that this is the most classic way to show affection to your husband. Leave little notes where he’s sure to find them, and know that you will brighten his day.

7. Cozy up next to him.

Instead of staying on your side of the bed tonight, cuddle up beside your man.  Every night!

8. Dance around the kitchen.

Leave the dirty dishes in the sink and pull him in close for a spontaneous slow dance. Here is where that Tony Bennett play list is handy again.

9. Whisper something sweet.

Instead of the same old conversation after a long day of work, lean over and whisper something sweet (or saucy!) into his ear. Be prepared to follow up with the favorite no outfit.

10. Kiss him.

The most obvious way to flirt with your husband? KISS HIM ALREADY! iMOM has a 14 Day Kiss Your Husband Challenge that can help! 

Of course there are many more ways to flirt with your man, but this is a good start! Flirting can rekindle the spark in your relationship and remind you both of the things you first loved about each other. 

Do you still flirt with your husband? Share your favorite flirtation tips in the comments below!

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Does Your Child Shy Away from Competition?

shy children

What does your child LOVE to do?

Some kids love sports, some love the theatre, and some love making music. But each of these passions holds one thing in common: they all lead to competition. There are soccer championships, school play tryouts, and band performances. Sometimes, our children embrace competition—they love the thrill of healthy rivalry that pushes them to work harder. But other times, our children shy away from competition. Your child’s anxiety towards competing against others usually has to do with one of three things: your child is a people pleaser, your child lacks confidence, or your child has difficulty navigating social settings.

So if your child has begun shying away from competition, here are some simple issues and solutions for getting them back on the right track:

1. Issue: Your child is a people-pleaser.

Solution: Teach them what healthy competition looks like.

With competition comes pressure—pressure from coaches, from teammates, and even from you! If your child is shying away from competition, one possibility is that your child is a people-pleaser and the pressure is becoming too much. In their mind, they feel the pressure from coaches is displeasure in their performance.  And because they want to please they rationalize it might be better not to compete at all.  It’s important to solve this issue right away by teaching your child what healthy competition looks like. Show them that it means challenging one another, growing with one another, and learning to fail and succeed with one another.

2. Issue: Your child lacks confidence.

Solution: Build them up with encouragement.

One of my favorite parts of being a mom is getting to encourage my kids in a way that only I can! Since I know them better than anyone else, I’m able to give them the gift of personal praise—praise that is unique to just them! So if your child is lacking the confidence needed to engage in competitive sports, this is a great chance to give them the affirmation they need. Tell them they are so clever, tell them they are a great leader, tell them they are the fastest kid you know. Whatever you say, remember that the best way to build up their confidence is with words from the heart. Here are 10 Ways to Motivate Your Child

3. Issue: Your child has difficulty navigating social settings.

Solution: Practice leads to improvement.

While my daughters were always bundles of personality, my boys tended to have more quiet personalities. If your child struggles navigating social settings such intense teams and competitions, then there are 2 ways you can help. First, let them practice. By signing them up for something low key, such as lessons, rather than a team, you’ll give them the opportunity to get involved without getting overwhelmed. Second, let them develop. Instead of signing them up for a million different extra-curricular activities. Let them develop one a year.  At the end of the year if they still love it, then you may have found an interest that they love enough to passionately compete against others. Work with your child on these 10 Social Manners.  

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Are You Sending Your Kids Out of Orbit?

out of orbit

When I was a new mom for the first time, one of the strangest things I had to figure out was what it meant to be the absolute center of another person’s universe. Babies and children and even teens rely on their parents for everything—their survival, emotional stability, first social cues, a sense of values, and so much more. Their world is a reflection of ours. That means that when we become parents, our emotional stability is more important than ever before. If we shift out of orbit, we remove the center of our child’s universe and spin them out of control, as well.

So how can you make sure you don’t send yourself and your kids out of orbit in such a complicated and crazy world? Read how you can here.

Center Yourself First

If you have ever flown on an airplane, you’ve certainly heard the safety spiel about what to do in a case where the cabin loses pressure: oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling, and you must secure your own before assisting anyone else. If you don’t take care of yourself first, you will suffocate and won’t be able to help anyone.

There have been several times in my life where I feel like I’m metaphorically suffocating. You may have felt this way, too. The best thing to do if you ever feel yourself spinning out of control is to stop. Stop everything and anything you can until you are centered, your life is balanced and the oxygen is, once again, flowing freely to your brain.

My husband used to get so mad at me because I volunteered for everything. I felt I had to do, but I would complain that I had too much to do. He never bought it, he said to me over and over, “you act as if you have no control, but you do. Just say no.”  I never learned to say no, but I did learn to say this and it was a game-changer for me, “Thank you for thinking of me, I would like to do that for you, but I can’t right now.  Maybe next year.”

Align Your Priorities

Are your priorities where they need to be? It’s incredibly easy to allow priorities to change when they shouldn’t. I want my priorities to look like this:

  1. God
  2. Mark
  3. My kids
  4. Family and friends
  5. Work
  6. Etc.

Unfortunately, things shift around all the time without me wanting them to, and sometimes without me even noticing! When my kids were young, they would often become priority number one. Coming back to work full time has sometimes meant that my job leapfrogs other things when I don’t want it to. Make sure the priorities you want are the right ones, and then fight to keep them in line.

Learn from the Past

At different times in our lives, we all spin out of orbit. We make mistakes, take on too much, lose focus, get discouraged, exhaust ourselves, forget what’s most important, and allow our lives to become unbalanced. When this happens, figure out what went wrong and be intentional about not doing the same thing again. 

And the important thing to remember is that you are the center of your child’s universe. It’s an awing responsibility and privilege, and we can’t take it likely. Keep yourself centered so your actions don’t send your child out of orbit, too.

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