3 Things You Never Knew About Easter

3 Things You Never Knew About Easter

Time for Easter. And you know what that means?


Well, maybe not quite.

My friends know that I am obsessed with chocolate and my kids are convinced that all I eat are chocolate covered almonds. However, as much as I love chocolate and all the chocolate Easter has to offer, it is not what Easter is all about for me or the kids!

Easter is about Christ.  No two ways about it.  And if you celebrate Easter at all you should have Christ at the center of your celebration.

It is so easy to inadvertently cover up the real reason for holidays like Christmas and Easter with beautiful traditions.  Traditions that grow and spread like a flowering Jasmine vine on a fence until you know longer see the fence that supports the fragrant flowers.  All your eyes see are the delightful, fragrant flowers but they have a source.  Just as Easter has a source…Christ.  Easter is a holiday celebrating His sacrifice and gift of life to us.

So a little random but here are three meaningful traditions that came from Easter.  And then an Easter tradition you may want to start with your kids that has part of Christ’s story hidden in eggs rather than that chocolate I love.  And lastly, an Easter give away you may want to win to give your kids.

3 Traditions You Never Knew About Easter

1.    Pretzels were created in the season leading up to Easter.

Long ago when Christianity was first taking its roots, it was common for Roman Christians to not be allowed to eat meat or dairy during Lent (the 40 days leading up to Easter).  Because of this, they created a new recipe just for this season: pretzels!  A monk shaped the dough so that it twisted in front to represent two little crossed arms praying.  

2.    The first Sunrise Service was just a couple of young men.

In 1732 Germany, a group of young men decided to wandered to the hilltop of a nearby cemetery to meditate on the importance of Christ resurrection.  As they celebrated the sun rose on the hill and adding beauty and glory to their worship.  Little did they know that they were beginning a tradition that would still be going strong hundreds of years later.

3. The tradition of the Easter egg.

This tradition had pagan origins.  Christians adopted the egg as an Easter symbol that represents new life. We color and decorate eggs hiding the little symbols of new life for children to find.

Which leads me to the question–how can we point these beautiful traditions back to their purpose?

An Easter Egg Hunt Idea with Meaning

This year by all means have that Easter egg hunt, but add some Resurrection meaning to it!  I love this printable. We made this several years ago and it has been used all over the world!

Easter Egg Hunt Printable

Easter Egg Hunt Printable

All over the world!  That just delights me.  This is a note from Sam in South Africa:

I have to share how your easter puzzle went. I have a huge garden so every Easter I host a hunt. In the past I first tell the story then send everyone on the hunt for eggs. Well this year I started by hiding your puzzle pieces first. I broke the kids into groups they then had to hunt for the pieces and return to the big group. I then used your story chart to put the story in order of piece. We then got each group to tell their pieces story. The kids loved it. The easter story trumped any egg hunt and the kids loved the entire process. When the story was done they then collected eggs and played their hearts out. It was just phenomenal.  

 Thanks for making it so easy to build such delight into our days. For giving us tools to make mothering fun easy to do.

 Have an incredibly special easter.

All my love


Here they are those precious kids from across the world…

Easter Egg

2014-04-11 15.31.44


Enter to Win An Easter Gift for Kids 

Lastly, because I love Easter and the story behind it–God’s perfect provision for my sin–Jesus, I am giving away two of these new Tyndale’s children’s Bibles.  All you have to do is tell me why you love Easter in the comments below!  And let me know if you win which version you would like the boys or girls.

Guys Life Application Study Bible NLT _ All Easter Girls Life Application Study Bible NLT _ Bibles



Happy Easter!



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Would You Take the World’s Toughest Job?

My daughter is a bank management recruiter.  She interviews people for jobs all day, every day.  She was laughing when she called me about this video of an ad for the world’s toughest job. She could not figure out, for the life of her, what kind of job this guy was interviewing people for.  It only took me 37 seconds to figure it out.

And yes, I would take the job.  Would you?

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How to Know When Your Child is Ready to Make Choices

How to Know When Your Child is Ready to Make Choices

Every child must learn to make choices on the path to adulthood. Little children make little choices and are rewarded by being given bigger choices. The problem arises when little children are given the opportunity to make big choices or lots of choices—or worse, they contest a choice their mothers have already made—difficulties may arise. Here’s an example:

MOM: Honey, we’re going to the zoo, so please put your sneakers on.

CHILD: I don’t want to wear my sneakers. I want to wear my sparkle shoes.

MOM: But we’ll be walking a lot, and your tennis shoes are comfy.

CHILD: So are my sparkle shoes.

MOM: I don’t think they are . . . and we need to go.

CHILD: But, Mommy!

MOM: Okay, okay. If you think you will be okay, wear them.

Two things could happen here…

To read more of this post, visit my guest post on my hubby’s blog

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Derailed: Getting Off Track Again?

When Life Takes You Off Track

Have you ever been derailed in life, by life?

Getting off track seems to happen to me often, so you’d think I would be used to it.  But how do you get used to something that is constantly changing like life?

The 4 things that tend to hi-jack my train are:

  1. health
  2. work
  3. family
  4. money

These are also the four aspects of my life that require most of my time, consume my thoughts, and make up the bulk of my responsibilities (minus the cleaning, cooking and laundry). No surprises there.  If one goes awry I go with it.

Health Derailed.

One month ago I was derailed by health.  My pacemaker malfunctioned.  My travel calendar was packed: 2 weeks in Colorado with kids and hubby to celebrate our anniversary, followed by a 12 hour turn around to get to a 3 day conference, followed by a speaking engagement in Texas one week later and two more local speaking engagements the week after that.

We squeezed the pacemaker swap in after the conference.  I spent the weekend in the hospital, 2 more days at home, went to work Wednesday and flew out on the wings of a lot of prayer to the Mom Life Boot Camp on Thursday in Texas.

Work Derailed.

Over 3 weeks with only 1 day in the office and I was work derailed.  My team shouldered a lot of my load.  I am still not back on track.

Family Derailed.

My kids are starting to complain.  My husband has needs.  My family is feeling the effects of my being off track.  And that makes me feel really guilty.  All of this derailing leads to a lot of frustration and just plain old weariness.

I am tired.

In my mind I am tired of thinking of all I need to do and in my heart I am tired of feeling sorry for all of the people I am not doing for.

This overwhelming weariness has been felt a million times before by every mom on the planet.  I am convinced of it.  At any given moment a mom can be derailed.  What amazes me is this: we can take comfort in the sheer numbers of moms who have been derailed and got back on track, or at least kept the train moving even off the track!

Moms with cancer, moms with handicapped kids…Moms going through divorce, moms going through rehab…Moms who have lost their mom, moms who have lost their job…Moms who can’t have children, moms who can’t keep their children…So many moms and so many difficult days.

But that’s what moms do.  Moms persevere, fight, and bear the burden for their family until they find their way back on track.

I do it and you do it.  That thought gives me hope.  I will get back on track and so will you.  And until then I will pray for you and for me that….

 We will not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer with thanksgiving, present our requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all  understanding, will guard our hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.            

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Easter Fun Ideas with the Kids

One of my favorite new sites for kids is My Kids Adventure.  They are big on family.  Today, I have a post on their blog that was an idea from my friend Nancy.  How do others celebrate Easter and how can we make that international experience fun for kids?  She found some interesting Easter goodie traditions from around the world and Andy from our office and his little bits made them.  I wish I still had some little bits, sigh, sad face.

Edible Easter Baskets

Here are some Easter fun ideas for you to check out and have some cultural fun this weekend!


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