About Me

Susan Merrill

I am a hybrid of sorts. I majored in finance but I love people more than numbers. I left behind the corporate gray of banking for the colorful world of kids. I had three children and adopted two more. I am the very imperfect Merrill family manager and the founder of iMOM. I love to analyze life, ponder possibilities, and pray for opportunities, which makes for a very busy and messy house! I live in Tampa, Florida, with my handsome husband—Family First founder and author Mark Merrill—and two, or depending on the day, up to five of my children ages twenty-one to twenty-six. On those days, I happily forsake all other responsibilities to run a bed and breakfast and laundromat for my family.

About iMOM

iMOM is the motherhood program of Family First. Family First started iMOM in response to requests from women who wanted a counterpart to All Pro Dad, our fatherhood program. iMOM.com is a one-stop resource where mothers can find inspiration, ideas, information and insight. The site contains hundreds of free printables and resources to help moms engage their children in fun and creative ways. iMOM has a daily email called the Espresso Minute and a chatty, caring community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

I got the job as iMOM Director by default because I am the President’s wife, and I would work on demand! I never thought I would still be here several years later, but now I can’t leave because I love what we do with a passion!

About the Handsome Husband

What can I say in one paragraph to sum up the part of me that is bigger than me? My husband is larger than life. We met in college when he was a law student/big man on campus and I was an ordinary undergrad. I knew he was the one—he had no idea I was the one. And so it went on and off until God placed us in the same town, working in the same building. Sometimes God just has to be that blatant. It worked; we married and live fitfully, happily, ever after. I am a firm believer in forever after but I know from experience that happily forever after takes a certain amount of work and commitment that makes happiness in marriage a bit fitful but well worth it! My handsome hubby, Mark Merrill, is the President of Family First, and author of All Pro Dad—Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids.

About the Children

They are all different—all of them. Rather amazing actually. I have three biological, two girls and one boy. I also have two adopted, one girl and one boy. I kind of have twins as two of my girls are just two weeks apart. My kids were nine and almost twelve when we adopted them so they have another family, too. We are a blended family of sorts and in need of a good blender on any given day. I am not always sure what will come out of the blender but we don’t often qualify as a smoothie.

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