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I was Craving a Connection to My Kids

Do your conversations with your daughter ever seem like a litany of corrections and instructions? Perhaps they sound like this: “Did you brush your teeth?” Please don’t provoke your brother!” “Your softball uniform is on the dryer.”

With school, sports, recitals, holidays, and church programs- in our case, for five children- life can easily spin out of control. Survival became our goal because everyone in the family was moving so fast. Communication became utilitarian, and relationships were sometimes strained.

So many nights I fell into bed and couldn’t remember a single meaningful word I said to my kids all day. It started to bother me. I felt as if my only role as a parent was to bark out basic instructions as my family flew by. I craved deeper conversations with my kids. I craved a connection.

I felt so guilty. I was missing opportunities to praise and encourage my kids because I was too busy reminding and instructing. In my desire to make sure we got everything done right-including getting to school on time-I was squelching the sweetness and joy God intended for our relationship.

Enough was enough.f by writing to them. Every time I caught them doing something right or observed that they needed kind words I wrote to them. I placed it on the child’s pillow and waited for him or her to write back. The back and forth became years of connection and deeper conversations.

Today you can connect with your kids in the same way. Mark and I want to share From Me to You with you! A journal to pass back and forth, filled with questions and inspiration. Start today with your child and see how it impacts your relationship. You will never regret a day using From Me to You with your child. Here are 4 benefits:

1. No more guilt about missed relationship opportunities.

That’s right; no longer do you have to worry about missing an opportunity to encourage your child because you are caught up in the chaos of schedules. No matter how busy your day gets, your child will get to read your heartfelt words before drifting off to sleep.

2. More opportunities for open communication with your child.

Is your child an introvert, or maybe just a boy who has difficulty verbalizing his emotions? Maybe your daughter is wanting advice on something but is nervous to see your reaction. From Me to You provides a pathway to communicate about any topic, without pressure, judgment, or fear. If your kids aren’t asking you, they are getting answers from someone else. Let it be you.

3. Discussion of deeper topics that may not come up in normal conversation.

Kids pick up a lot of muddled information from school hallways to YouTube and beyond. They are naturally curious but often hesitant to ask for clarification. Left alone, truth becomes muddled in the minds of our young children. Journaling often reveals spots of confusion and presents an opportunity for discussion.

4. A keepsake of developing thoughts, experiences, and personalities.

Memories are fleeting. The journals provide a lasting keepsake of your child’s development as well as a keepsake of their relationship with you. You and your kids will treasure them!

What’s not to love? Moms, grab your journals here.


Enter for a chance to WIN a copy of From Me to You by leaving a comment below.  Let me know if you want a copy for your son or your daughter. I am giving away 3 copies! {We’ll randomly select 3 winners and email notifications to each one by Friday, April 12.}

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