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Rahab: Would You be Her Friend?

A few months ago in a previous vlog, I went on a panoptic journey through the Bible focusing solely on women. The study led me to a discovery about two female powerhouses: Ruth and Esther. In my research, I clearly saw how God uses each of us no matter our background. Whether Jew or Gentile, rich or poor, powerful or peaceful–God has a part for you to play in HIStory.

In my panoptic wandering, there were so many stories I wanted to dig into deeper. The first is the Rahab story. Rahab, the prostitute, the woman known for housing spies against her king’s orders, the woman who loved a foreign God, the woman who intrigues me. What did she look like? How did she become so wise? What was her personality?

If you are new to this blog you may not know that I am fascinated by our personalities and how they play into our story. You can take The Mom I Am personality test here and read about your personality type here. One day I hope to record The Mom I Am speech. It is about God’s desire for you to embrace and be excited about who you are, a woman with a special personality and giftedness. And also to delight in the gifts your friends have rather than feeling overwhelmed that they have gifts you don’t. 

But back to Rahab…in looking into her story, I wondered how her community viewed her. Being a prostitute, and a bold one at that–did they shame her? Shun her? Did she have a circle of trusted girlfriends to support her and love her through everything? Today’s world is full of judgment. Rahab’s world was not that far removed from ours. In pondering through her life story it caused me to question: If I were a part of Rahab’s world, would I have been her friend? 

I am still fascinated with women and where we belong in God’s story. I want to talk with you, learn with you, grow with you. The details of my latest journey–the Rahab story–are in the video below. Follow along with the diagram below the video to learn more.

Would you be Rahab’s friend?

 rehab story

What kind of woman are you? Let’s be women who see the hearts of everyone we meet. Let’s join together and be the friends who love others no matter their past, present or future mistakes. By letting go of our grudges with our neighbors, we will see more clearly our part in God’s story.

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