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His Narrative: Women in the Word

When my alarm goes off there is just one thought that gets me out of  bed. It urgently whispers to my sleepy brain, “Hurry, get up. This is your time!” Yes, my only time. My time is a sweet, short span of an hour during which I creep quietly downstairs, grab hot creamy coffee, snuggle into my chair under a super soft blanket and read about God. It’s just us in the dark quiet before my house becomes crazy busy.

The Bible is full of wisdom for those who treasure reading and soaking it in. It teaches us His character, His love, and it teaches us about ourselves. Studying the Bible has become one of my favorite things to do. Every morning it reorients my life as I learn a new perspective. 

We all have things we are passionate about but nothing makes me more excited than making connections throughout God’s Word. I will pick a topic of interest to me at the moment and start to research it. I start in one place or with one theme but typically end up going down rabbit trails until I find I have discovered something totally unexpected. Time and time again new things are revealed to me.

Recently, I have become fascinated with women and where we belong in God’s story. I want to talk with you, learn with you, grow with you. The details of my latest journey–bible women–are in the video below. Follow along with the diagram below the video to learn where you fit in His story. 

Where are you in His narrative? 

Overview of Bible Women

Where does God have you in the narrative? Are you in a place of growth, suffering, nurturing others? Let me know in the comments. I am in a challenging place–my parents need me, my husband needs me, my kids need me, and my team at Family First needs me. It is often overwhelming. 

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