Genesis 34 and 35: Rape, Rage, and Revenge

This article was written by Hayley Mowatt, producer of Bible Book Club.

Genesis 34 and 35 are bleak and tragic chapters that cover everything from sexual abuse to horrific murders. It is not a great part of Jacob’s family legacy and their evil streak is not over yet, but there are consequences to the actions in these chapters–just wait and you will see.


While the events of today’s chapters are dark, my Bible bender didn’t come from focusing on Dinah’s brothers and their act of revenge but rather, Rachel and her passing. My bender came when Susan elaborated on the significance of the location of her tomb in Ramah. Ramah being the community that could function as representatives of both North and South and Rachel, being the mother to the descendants of both the north and southern kingdoms was just such a cool connection and comparison. It just showed me that nothing is insignificant to God and that even Rachel’s resting place was not overlooked in his eyes. There were quite a few Bible benders in today’s episode, which one stuck out to you?


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