Exodus Overview


This article was written by Hayley Mowatt, producer of Bible Book Club.

We have made it through Genesis and now we pick up in Exodus (with 400 years of silence between the two books). Exodus gives us much more detail than we saw in Genesis and so to me, the story picks up a bit. Join the Bible Book Club as we take on book #2.


My Bible bender of today’s episode came in the Moses timeline (see show note below) and how the wandering in the desert for the Israelites did not actually take place in Exodus but rather Numbers. I guess that will teach me from taking too much stock in condensed Bible movies from my childhood.

What was your Bible bender from today’s episode? What are you most looking forward to learning in Exodus?



Tanakh Books Chart

tanakh books

Old Testament Books Chart

old testament chart

Moses Timeline

moses timeline

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