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GiveAway: Happy Everything Plate/Cookbook & Name Necklace

Do you have friends? Really good friends? I ask because every mom needs friends for so many reasons. Today’s giveaway was donated by two of my good friends, Marcie and Debbie. Marcie and her sister, Laura, are the dynamic duo behind Coton Colors. Their handcrafted pottery and creative giftware have a “happy everything” presence in my house. Debbie is the owner of the Merrill girl’s favorite store DKM Accessories. If it is trending in fashion we know that Debbie will have it in her store, first. And if my girls are coming in town for a break from school or work I can plan on at least one trip to DKM.

But friends mean so much more to me than just a deep appreciation for their talent and the privilege of knowing such creative women.  My friends have been invaluable to my life in many ways but I will share with you just this one…

Excerpt from The Passionate Mom Chapter 6: Preparation

Life is all about relationships, and I have experienced the lifesaving care that comes from having them.  (click to tweet) When I was in high school, I had a cardiac arrest, and it was determined that I needed a pacemaker. It was a life-giving moment for me. From that point forward I believed that God was real, that there was something he wanted me to do, and that my days were numbered, so I needed to find it and be about it. Years after I received my first pacemaker, it gave out. I had three small children ages five, three, and one. New doctors did new tests and gave me a new diagnosis: they felt that I probably didn’t need a pacemaker and put me on steroids instead. I was not the same person.

After a year, I made an appointment with my old doctor in Houston for a second opinion. We flew in for the appointment, but when we got there, we had to see his partner instead, due to an emergency. The partner was rather rushed and told us that if the steroids weren’t working, don’t take them. Period. So I stopped. I didn’t know any better. It took six days before I felt the effects of not weaning slowly off the steroid. I became really sick. The combined complications from discontinuing the steroid and trying to keep my heart beating regularly were debilitating. By then my children were six, four, and two. Every day I would wake up and think, I can do this; I can will my body to do this. I will eat simply, I will pace myself, I will pray, and it will be better today.

It wasn’t. Some days would be a little better, but most weren’t. I was failing my husband, my children, and myself.

My relationships during that year saved me. My husband fought for me. Firmly convinced that I had been fine with a pacemaker, but not fine without it, he dragged me back to the doctors. When they wouldn’t listen, he searched for a doctor who would, and he found one. My friends met a million needs. They drove my two girls to school, took them to ballet and parties and playdates, and encouraged me by saying it was nothing, and that my daughters were a pleasure. I never had to ask my friends. They always thought of me, talked among themselves, and made sure that someone had my girls covered for everything. My community—church and school moms—fed my family for a year. I am not exaggerating. My dad and stepmother would come often to help. My dad, who loves to eat, was amazed at the number of meals that appeared on my doorstep every time he was there, even after months.

There were many profound faith-building moments in that year. I visibly saw God use others to meet my needs when I couldn’t meet them myself. It was so humbling and amazing. It was even miraculous. I could not control my health, my days, or my home, but God could, and he used people to do it. Friends are an investment with a huge return. There may come a day when the people with whom you have relationships will save your life or the life of your child as they did mine. (click to tweet) Or you may have the opportunity to serve them in a way that is lifesaving to them.

A Passionate Mom must be prepared with good friendships. (click to tweet)

It is my prayer that you have really good friends by your side as you journey through parenting together.  It is my hope that you really enjoy this Happy Everything Plate & Cookbook and this sterling silver necklace that will be personalized with up to four names.  Both courtesy of my “lifesaving” friends!

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If you are new to this blog, I promise it is not always about The Passionate Mom book!  We will get over our excitement! But I don’t want to lose you.  Get to know me better for weeks to come by getting posts directly to your in box.

You can still win!  The celebration continues until midnight on Wednesday, April 24th.  Winners will be posted on Friday, April 26th.

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