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New Year, Renewed Marriage: Follow These Simple Steps

People are usually a little surprised when we tell them the story in the video below. You see, our marriage didn’t have the most promising start. Our hearts were in the right place, but our personalities were on a crash course that was bound to implode our marriage.

There were so many things we struggled through. We had to learn how to communicate, how to meet each other’s needs, and how to handle conflict. Of course, we still have conflict, but after 28 years we have figured out some great ways to love well.

We want you to know what we have learned.

Learn from us. We want you to struggle less than we did and love more. We took what helped us and put it in our Lists to Love By, Simple Steps to the Marriage You Want books. Each book, one for wives and one for husbands, features 30 short lists with simple steps you can take to have a better marriage or maybe even the marriage you’ve always wanted but never had.


Are you struggling with other issues, such as conflict, in your marriage?  Mark and I struggle with that as well. Here are 4 Simple Steps to Conflict Resolution.

It is our hope that this New Year will be a year of renewed marriages!

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