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3 Things You Must Do to Let God Breathe Life into Your Desert Valleys

One morning, during one of our content meetings, I asked our team if they had been reading anything interesting in their Bibles. After a few minutes of quiet, our intern spoke up and mentioned a passage in Ezekiel 37, which talks about the vision of the valley of dry bones. This creepy vision produced an intriguing conversation. We learned that dry bones represented Israel when they were in captivity to Babylon. Like unburied skeletons, the Israelites were in a state of living death, pining away with no end to their captivity in sight. They thought they were cut off forever and were hopeless. They had forgotten who God was, but God had not forgotten them. God did what they could not imagine in their depleted state. He revived the dead bones by breathing life into them. The vision was a symbol to Israel of His plans to restore their nation. What does that mean for us?

We all experience, dry, depleted seasons in our lives. These seasons are troubling, but the key to experiencing hope is to replace our fears with faith. This is easier said than done and unfortunately, most of us fall into fear and hopelessness like the Israelites. So, what can we learn from them? Here are three hopeless pitfalls and the solutions to breathing life into dry bones.

1. Forgetting How Big God Is

All of us have been guilty of forgetting how big God is. The consequence of doing so causes us to view God as small and incapable of restoring our dry bones.

Solution: Invite God to be a part of every aspect of your life and acknowledge that He is in control. By doing so, you are recognizing that God has the great capability to bring restoration and hope into your life, no matter the season.

2. Refusing to Find Contentment

We tend to refuse contentment during our dry seasons. When we are dealing with dry bones we start comparing our lives to those around us. This is the number one struggle your kids face as their social media platforms and followings play a huge part in their discontent spirits.

Solution: Seek out areas that are causing you to be unsatisfied. Make changes, delete some social platforms, unfollow some people, and reduce usage. Take your negative energy and turn it positive by nurturing your relationships more, especially your relationship with God because that is where satisfaction is found.

3. Unwilling to Let Go of Control

Whether we admit it or not, we find safety in being in control. We have the mindset to get things done on our own time frames. However, when dry bones enter our lives, we are hit with the reality that we are no longer in control; it causes us to react in fear.

Solution: Let go and let God. Ask God for forgiveness for your lack of trust in Him and lay your dry bones at His feet. Ask in faith that His will be done, not yours. From then on, gracefully live a life filled with peace and joy.  



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