Looking Back, Moving Forward

I’m not often an introspective person. I would rather be doing than sitting around contemplating things. I’ve always been a girl of action! The downside of being quick to action is that I have been known to act and speak before I think. The upside is that I am someone who looks ahead, takes leaps of faith, lives in the present, and anticipates the future.

But after making it through one of the craziest years of my life, I think a little bit of introspection could be good for me. In looking back, how should I be moving forward?

In the coming year, how can I learn from my mistakes this year?

How will I trust God more and worry less? How can I appreciate and serve my husband more selflessly? What can I do to lead my kids by example? I missed opportunities to love others well this year, what can I do differently next year?

This year is gone, and the new year is filled with endless possibilities. As I have contemplated what the next 12 months will look like at work and at home, I am optimistic about what they will bring, but also overwhelmed. 

Do you ever find yourself with such mixed emotions?

Hope and fear mixed together, fighting for control? The feelings pound in my heart and echo in my head, “I can’t wait to do this…You can’t do this–it’s too much.”

There is so much to anticipate this year, including a book that I can’t wait to share with you. But it scares me, too. Hope and fear, they both love me a little too much. 

I’m learning that a little bit of looking back can be the best way to move forward. And looking back at a lesson from BSF, I found this one small sentence and I have wallpapered it on my phone and laptop as a reminder: 

Peace, joy, courage, and energy for our responsibilities and relationships come as we develop a habit of praise.

I deeply desire peace, joy, and courage to face the new year and the energy to execute well in my responsibilities and relationships. And in looking back, I discovered my biggest mistake—I did not praise. I did not praise, I stressed and muscled my way through until I was exhausted.

Moving forward, I will develop a habit of praise and this year will be filled with peace, joy, courage, and energy!

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