What to Teach Your Child Before 12

What is the purpose for your parenting? Before we can parent effectively, our purpose needs to be clear. When we have that clarity, we will be able to train our children to be responsible adults when they leave us.

One of the most important developmental stages of children is the transition from preteen to teen. These years before the age of 13 are golden because we can help our children build the moral warehouse they’ll need as they face life’s challenges and dilemmas. Teach them these things before they turn 12.

Teach them to make wise choices.

Teaching them this will save them a lot of pain from making bad choices. Teaching your children to ask this one question will help them make the best choices. 

Teach them to discern right from wrong.

There are three levels to helping children determine right from wrong—here they are. 

Teach them a life perspective.

What do you believe? What do you want to teach your children about having a worldview? They’ll hear other views, so be sure to share yours.

Teach them contentment.

Out of contentment comes joy. Without contentment, they will never feel like they have what they want. A lack of commitment will rob their joy.

Teach them to love others.

Loving others means understanding how to delay or defer the needs of self. Here’s how to raise loving kids. 

Teach them to have patience.

Patience will help your child buy the time he needs to make good choices. Patience is the foundation of delayed gratification, it’s also the foundation for accepting others as they are. These ideas will help you teach your child how to be patient. 

Teach them responsibility.

In a nutshell, responsibility is the ability to respond correctly. Responsibility should grow with maturity, but you should see evident signs of it in your child before age 12. You can help your child become more responsible by giving them more independence in these five areas. 

Teach them how to forgive.

An inability to forgive can sow seeds of bitterness in your children. Take a look at these four ways to teach forgiveness to your children. You can implement them today.

Still having trouble starting some of these conversations, try our Q & U app for questions to get them talking.

What are you trying to teach your kids before age 12? Comment below and we will add yours to the list.

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