Sunday Suppers

The Best Christmas Leftover Recipes

Tomorrow is the day after Christmas.  And you will have either leftovers – maybe turkey, maybe ham, or maybe…both. So we are giving you some great options to put them to good use: Leftover Ham and Pea Pasta Bake, Cranberry Hazelnut Turkey Wellington, Fried Ham and Gravy.  That’s right…gravy. Or if you are a little “full” from your Christmas dinner and want a lighter choice, make some Turkey and White Bean Soup with a slice of Cranberry Yogurt Coffee Cake. You still deserve a little treat, don’t you?

Conversation Starters

1. What was the most fun we ever had together as a family?

2. What is your favorite thing to play outdoors?

3. If you could choose any activity for us to do as a family, what would it be and why?

Leftover Ham and Pea Pasta Bake

simply delicious pasta bake

Cranberry Hazelnut Turkey Wellington

rock recipes turkey wellington

Fried Ham and Gravy

fine cooking fried ham 

Turkey and Bean Chili

turkey and bean soup 

Cranberry Yogurt Coffee Cake


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