Lists to Love By Marriage

Lists to Love By 30 Day Challenge

I have an awesome new marriage printable to share with you that will help make your relationship with your husband stronger and more loving. It’s the Lists to Love By 30 Day Marriage Challenge. The printable was inspired by our Lists to Love By, Simple Steps to the Marriage You Want books (there is one for wives and one for husbands). We have been so encouraged by the feedback about how the simple actions and short chapters are making it easier for couples, and men, in particular, to love better. This is a huge confirmation for us. This was what we hoped for!  

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we want even more for your marriage. So we have a challenge. We want you to make love a habit!  Love is not just for one day a year–it’s for every day. Even if you haven’t read the books, you can still take the Lists to Love By 30 Day Marriage Challenge. Like the books, there is a challenge for husbands and a challenge for wives.  And like the books, both challenges give you simple and powerful steps to take each day. It’s that easy.

So, make love a habit! Download The Lists to Love By 30 Day Challenge (you get both the wive’s and husband’s) and if you are inspired to love your husband, even more, order the books.  

Happy Valentine’s day–love well!

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