Love This

From iMOM to dotMOM

In just 48 hours this iMOM will be boarding a non-stop to dotMOM.  I am excited, relieved and expectant.

I’m excited because this year for the first time ever I will be leading two break out sessions – one on protecting your child in the world and another on preparing your child for the world.  Both will be excerpts from a book I have coming out in April called The Passionate Mom.  Yes, a book, it was a big stretch for me, but that is another blog!  So, I am excited and nervous and excited and really wanting to do my best in the sessions – pray for me please!

I am relieved because I know mom-infused renewal is on the way.  Last year this conference really refreshed me and after a year and a half of the flood, moving twice, rapid growth at iMOM and writing a book on top of parenting, I am in desperate need and greatly relieved to get away to a place that will renew and refresh!

I am expectant because I know I will learn, discover and be inspired to be a better mom in the days ahead.  I have seen and know the agenda.  I know what these women have in store and I am craving what is coming.

I am totally not above bribing so if you will be in Birmingham come by and vist me at the iMOM booth or in breakouts — I will have free iMOM giveaways with me at all times!

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