Lists to Love By Marriage

Do You Love Your Spouse the Right Way?

Have you ever noticed that when someone from another country speaks a different language, people feel the need to speak louder? We think speaking loudly will bridge the communication gap. But it doesn’t. Their ears are working, it’s their brain that can’t understand the words.

The same problem occurs when a husband and wife have different love languages. A husband loves his wife in a certain way and when it’s not appreciated he doubles his efforts. It’s like he is getting louder, thinking it will work better. He does more of the things he was doing rather than changing his method and loving his wife in the language she understands.

My husband, Mark and I made this mistake for years. We were loving in different languages that just grew louder without ever being understood. You can watch the video below for our story and how to love your spouse the right way.

We want you to learn from our mistake. Learn to listen and love in a way that hits the heart.

Get the books Lists to Love by for Busy Wives and Lists to Love by for Busy Husbands to learn more about how you can love well.

lists to love by

Men, do you want other tips to help your wives feel loved and beautiful? Here are 10.

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