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Little Things That Could Kill My Marriage

For years, I was the family cook. I knew everyone’s favorite food, the meals that could get my kids running to the kitchen, and the meals I had to force my little ones to eat. I’ve always loved to cook.

As time went by and I returned to work, Mark began to help out with the cooking from time to time. If I was going to be home late, he would jump in and prepare a simple meal. And then, a funny thing happened. As I continued to cook for the family, I’d find Mark showing up and watching over my prep work and commenting on how I could improve. All of a sudden HE was the gourmet chef (or so he thought!), and it made me laugh.

The truth is, I had to let go of some of the control in the kitchen. My husband was here to help, and realizing we’re a team (bringing different skills to the table) makes us all the better.

But it’s those little things like control that can build into the big things, and start tearing down our marriages.

Maybe it’s not the big stuff like affairs and lying that are showing up in your marriage, but it’s the little things like comparison and criticism.  Or, at least it is in my marriage.

I get it.

That’s why Mark and I are really excited to share with you a brand new (free!) eBook we’ve written together called 7 Marriage Killers and the Secrets to Overcome Them.

This is the marriage resource I wish we had early in our marriage. We’ve learned all of these secrets the hard way, but we’ve grown and discovered these lessons through the good, the bad, and the ugly of marriage.

This eBook will help you:

  • Identify the most common traps for conflict in your marriage.
  • Establish the tools to work through obstacles between you and your spouse.
  • Find joy and purpose in the intentional work of marriage.
  • Safeguard and strengthen your relationship to weather the storms of life.

You don’t have to let the little things turn into the big things. You can overcome them.

Download your free copy here!

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