Confessions: I Am Not The Adoring Type

January 3, 2012

And I am not stupid.  So when I am hit with the same pang of conviction twice in one week I am smart enough to know God is trying to show me something.

Pang #1 hit me during a casual conversation with a friend at the football field.  My friend was sharing with me about her husband.  She was gushing about him, she said that he amazed her and on and on and on.  Hmm, I couldn’t remember the last time I gushed about my husband to anyone.

Pang #2 hit at the Family First Annual Dinner.  The speaker, Dr. Ben Carson, and his wife sat across from me.  They have been married for decades but were adorable together.  The entire time he was speaking, his wife, Candy, would smile at him and give a pre-emptory chuckle seconds before every joke.  She obviously knew every line well but she still thought he was hysterical.  She adored him and every word he spoke as if they had been dating for three months instead of married for thirty years.

I’ve got to work on that.  Is it my “type” that makes me less enamored, fanciful, adoring?  Or is it a lack of appreciation for him – a cynicism that I have, somehow, outgrown immature infatuation?

So my hubby  put on some new glasses the other night at dinner.  And I looked at him anew because he looked anew.  He smiled and laughed – he is so cute!  I think I need to put on some new glasses – some rose colored glasses so that I can see him adoringly every day.

Alright, don’t laugh.  How about at least once every week.

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  • Gale

    Yes, I remember when he would pull up in little while Porsche to the ADPi house – – – and the entire membership would peek out the windows between the curtains to watch him walk up to the door to pick you up. Yes, he’s cute! 🙂

    • Gale!!!! Do you remember!? So cute he was – I mean is! See, I need to remember that, too!

      • How did I NOT know you were an ADPi?? I knew about Madison, but not you! No wonder I like you gals so much…;) Small world…

        • Dana we will discuss in our Brainstorm meeting. Two of my friends have ADPi’s at Auburn and they are precious! Headed to my last Pi and Tea in 2 weeks my oldest is graduating and is a Pi.

  • Wendi

    Thank you for sharing. I needed to be reminded of this myself.

  • What sweet thoughts! Love you up to the moon!

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  • What a great reminder, Susan! Thank you!

  • Kathy F

    I find myself less enamored by my husband sometimes. But this weekend he got a new haircut and wore his contacts instead of his glasses. I had a hard time taking my eyes off him and he knew it.

  • Guest

    I needed to read this and will try my best to implement this attic. I often desire my hubby and anticipate his arrival and then he will come home and say something, complain about something or his allergies kick in and then I am turned off. I’m trying really hard to get over this and he can be an inspiration killer. I need more help. Since I joined this site, I look forward to the emails a lot.

  • Nayshunda Burke

    Awesome really enjoy this site

  • <3 This <3 You! I think God used the same starter kit for you and I because I swear we function very much the same!

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  • Love your honesty…and your realistic goal setting :). So now I expect to see a follow up post six months from now titled, “How I Became the Adoring Type.” Well, actually that title is quite boring so don’t use that one but you get my drift :).

  • LOL That’s me right there.