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Congratulations to the Mother’s Day Gift Pack winners!

Grand Prize Winner: Shonda Knowlton 
Prize Pack Winners: Pam Crosby, Angela Stroup, Hollyanne, & Mary Tienhaara

Please contact [email protected] with your shipping information and she can send you your prizes!


Just because….

A Mom is everything to a child.  You nurture, you listen, you work, you play, you coach, you shop, you cook, you pray, you teach, you serve, you love…forever! (click to tweet)

I know you do more.  Tell me what else you do as a mom in the comments below to enter to win.  

I will pick 5 winners.  1 Grand Prize and 4 Special Prizes.

Mother's Day Winner

The amazing necklace below, The Passionate Mom book and a Passionate Mom tee.

There are some very cool stories behind this necklace.  My friend donating the necklace, Sydney, said a soldier in Afghanistan had one sent to his wife for Valentines with the coordinate of their favorite beach that they like to go to.  Doesn’t that just scream hope–I will be home and we will go to the beach?  A mom ordered one with the coordinates of St. Petersburg, Russia where she adopted her daughter.  This would be a great option for me because I adopted at the age of 42 and my skin was already too saggy to try to be like Angelina Jolie with tattoos of all the coordinates of my children!  This last one is so romantic. A young grad student ordered a necklace for his fianc√© with the coordinates of the university where they met and he proposed.

I am thinking of a ton of necklace gifts for me and my girls–their favorite place, birth place, where they graduated from, their favorite vacation destination, etc. The retail price  is $115 (at www.sydneybuchanan.com and they are having a 10% off the whole site for Mother’s Day).  Sydney will engrave it with the place or a name on the gold side.  On the silver side she will find and engrave the coordinates, latitude and longitude of that meaningful place. It can be worn either way on the gold or silver side and you can order a gold or silver chain.  It retails for $115.

photo            photo

The passionate mom book            the passionate mom t shirt


05_08_13_sm_4_winners_for_blog copy

The Passionate Mom book, the Passionate Mom tee, a Passionate Mom necklace and either a Be The Mom book or Waiting in Wonder book!

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 9781589976849_p0_v1_s260x420   9781400321070_p0_v1_s260x420

Comment below to enter–just tell me what you do as an awesome, passionate mom!

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