mother daughter selfie

What is Beauty? Beauty Is…


I love it when a company uses it’s influence for good and Dove has done that for many years.  The company has had an ongoing Campaign for Real Beauty.  And they use very poignant, relevant videos to make girls and women think differently about beauty.  I have watched all of their videos with my girls because I want them to know, really know, that they are beautiful!  Here are those links…

  • In 2006 they did the Dove Evolution Video.  The video revealed what magazines were lying about–models are photoshopped.  So we shouldn’t hold them as out standard.
  • In 2007 they did the Dove Onslaught Video. The video opened our eyes to the onslaught of images the were educating our girls and hurting self images.
  • In 2012 they did the Dove Real Beauty Sketches Video. The video was proof to women that they are more beautiful than they think.  I cried.

This year Dove attempts to answer the question “What is beauty?” in Doves Selfie video below.

So take a selfie yourself with your girls.  Be bold and proud about your beauty.  Then will you share it with me on my facebook page?  I want everyone to see how beautiful you are! My selfie with Emily is above!



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