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The iMOM Blog/Susan.Me Merger

Have you ever been in charge of something that evolved into something you never thought you were qualified for?  iMOM (the program) is like that for me.  I am the director but I often feel the child has outgrown the parent!  The iMOM Blog was a lot of different writers but mostly me. But because I was writing for iMOM I didn’t always feel like I could write all of my thoughts.

So, I am going to be a little more “me” with you in this blog.  It is easier for me to be transparent when you know that “it’s just me”.  I am not speaking as the Director of iMOM.  I am speaking as a mom from my experience only.

I confess, I did cheat and secretly started this blog before the office even knew so it may not look new.  It was Madison’s idea (not mine of course).  Just had to see if I could handle it alone.  So here we are after the merger (brought over some of the entries that were mine from the iMOM blog) is complete AND Madison and I are off to BlogWorld, a blog conference in New York.

I am more than a little nervous about this adventure, but I’ve prayed about it, asked the experts and been wrangled into the BlogWorld Conference.  I am excited to be a better blogger for your sake and I am hoping this will allow me to get to know you better, too.


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