The Foreshadowing of Another Father and Son

Abraham/Isaac God/Jesus
Isaac was a descendent of Abraham Jesus was a descendent of Abraham
Isaac was conceived by divine intervention Jesus was conceived by divine intervention
Abraham offered his one and only son God offered his one and only Son
Isaac carried the wood for the sacrifice Jesus carried the cross for the sacrifice
Isaac questioned his father Jesus questioned His Father
Isaac was submissive & one with his father Jesus was submissive and one with His Father
Isaac escaped death after 3 days journey Jesus rose from the dead on the third day
Abraham said God would provide the lamb God provided Jesus as The Lamb
The lamb was a substitute for Isaac Jesus the Lamb of God was a substitute for us
The ram was caught by its horns in a thicket Jesus wore on his head a crown of thorns
Through Abraham’s one son Isaac God grew the nation of Israel. Through this one son Jesus God grew the Kingdom and Church
Sacrifice was on specific spot on Mount Moriah. Abraham named it “the Lord will provide” Temple was built on same spot on Mount Moriah where all sacrifices were held. When Jesus was crucified on the same Mountain, the veil within the temple was rent in two. The Lord did provide.
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