Lot and Noah Comparison


Lot and Noah Comparison Before the Judgment

  Noah Lot
Live among sinful people who are warned by God of judgment Yes Yes
Obediently executes God’s instructions Yes, Convinces family, build’s ark for years, gathers animals No, Tries to tell son in laws but his faith is not respected enough to be convincing. He himself hesitates with doubt 
Loves God more than loves the world. Yes, willingly leaves all he loves for the unknown of a floating zoo. No, Loves his world so much he doesn’t want to leave and has to be forced. Begs to be able to go to another town rather than the mountains.
Has faith that saves. Yes, Saves family No, Faith waivers. Saves only daughters, even wife doubts and dies.
Survives a devastating judgement Yes, by flood Yes, by fire


Continued Comparison of Noah and Lot After the Judgment

BOTH Noah Lot
New life, new place Yes, prospers Yes, but hides in fear
Become intoxicated yes yes
Sexually taken advantage of by children Son Ham / grandson Canaan Daughters
Become nations opposed to God’s principals and people Canaan has Canaanites: Jebusites, Amorites, Hivites and eventually…Sodom Moab (means from father) become Moabites 

Ammon (means son of my people) become Ammonites. See the map in the show notes because the Moabites and Ammonites are people that David must defeat in 2 Samuel



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