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Mark and I need your help. Our new books, From Me to You: A Conversation Journal (both son and daughter versions), releases April 2nd! We would love your help sharing the news. To make sharing convenient, use any of these posts or tweets below to get the word out on your social media.

Thank you for helping. It is our hope that these books will be the beginning of a hundred meaningful conversations between parent and child about trials, temptations, and fears. About dreams, family, and faith. And so much more. We couldn’t do it without you!

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Copy: Is busyness crushing connection between you and your kids? Mark and Susan Merrill have 2 new conversation journals to help. There’s one for sons and one for daughters! #FromMeToYou and

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Copy: Check out the new conversation journals by Mark and Susan Merrill, and don’t miss another opportunity to connect with your kids. #FromMeToYou and 



Copy: 2019 goal: Connect with your kids! My friends Mark and Susan Merrill have 2 new conversation journals out, one for sons and one for daughters.#FromMeToYou and

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