Why You Need a Relationship Bucket List

Have you ever made a bucket list? They are a fun and practical way that can help you connect with someone, and also something you can do in all phases of life, with all types of people that you love.

A relationship bucket list isn’t just something that you want to tackle before you pass away—make it a game! Bucket lists encourage you to spend time with those whom you love, helps to create memories through having common experiences, and solidify heart connections. What are we doing that creates memories in our relationships? Trust me—they don’t have to be huge things! Simple or new things that you want to try is really all you need!

Let’s say you are always taking your kids to the park; perhaps you should try to plant a garden together. This would be a fun way to introduce them to something new, all the while creating something beautiful with them. When your children are small, it’s easy to find creative ways to make these bucket list items happen cheaply–you don’t need to break the bank. When our Marky was 5, he adored baseball. So, we used to take him to our local high school baseball game for $5 instead of spending tons of money on a pro-ball game. He was just as infatuated with that as he would be going to the pro game.

For older kids, though, you may want to take some more time to carefully think about his or her dreams. When Emily was young, we had always loved doing things together that involved dance or music or Broadway. So when she turned 25, we took a trip to NYC to see Broadway. We planned years in advance financially, and it was, for her, 4 days of over-the-moon things that she had been dreaming about for her whole childhood. When your children are adults, spending time together is a precious thing. They most likely don’t live at home anymore, so cherish those moments together. Establish traditions together.

Here are a few bucket list items that are fairly inexpensive:

For the parent and child…

-Serve Your Community: Something that often gets overlooked on bucket lists is helping others! So, make it a yearly thing to go to your local soup kitchen or community service center to see how you and your kids can improve the life of the community around you. It will help your kids learn to be selfless, and you’ll have fun doing it! 

-Play a prank: It’s something different that doesn’t have to cost anything…but be sure you won’t offend whoever it is you are pranking!

-Movie Day: Make a tent in the living room and watch a movie series all the way through, all day long. Even make some yummy snacks that you have been wanting to try!

For husbands and wives…

What do you like to do? How can you create new memories in your marriage?

-Get in shape together: Make it a goal to run a 5K one day

-Be willing to try something that your spouse wants to do, not just what you want to do.

-Mark and I have started traveling since we have become empty nesters, so we are planning on doing one a year.

-Take dance lessons together

For the siblings…

-Create a way for your kids to do something together, such as making a family movie or going out to dinner together without Mom or Dad.

What do your kids dream about doing? Take a few minutes and write their dreams down to start your very own bucket list!

Hear more from Mark and me on why you need a relationship bucket list! 


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