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Prickly Spouse? Prepare for the Porcupine Part 2

Mark and I are no strangers to conflict. We are both passionate and that fact shows up often in our communication style. While I’m always up for a debate, constant conflict in marriage can put an unwelcome strain on a marriage. Lasting conflict in marriage is a dangerous path that no couple should go down. To avoid this path, Mark and I acknowledge our trigger points when they show up. Doing this helps us know to slow down and find ways to disarm before an upcoming conflict arises. Last week, we covered how to know if you are prickly and the first 5 trigger points. Today we will cover the remaining 5. 

Trigger Points of Conflict (continued)

6. Feeling disrespected.

7. Being sick or tired.

8. Being lied to. 

9. Disciplining kids.

10. Relational insecurity.

Listen here as Mark and I discuss in more depth our trigger points and how we disarm them as they show up.

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