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Pray or Panic? What Do You Do?



My go-to answer is panic, not prayer.  In a tough situation, I’ll have a good cry, but then, as the tears subside, my mind takes off as if it’s in a NASCAR race, around and around and around, but not in a good way. (click to tweet)  Every circle around the track is a different scenario of the situation, in a thousand shades of depressing gray.  I overreact in fear.

Fear, worry, anxiety and panic are not the solution, but prayer is.  Prayer is the only guaranteed panic prevention.  It is OK  to have a good cry, but we can’t allow that grief and concern to convert to fear.  We must cap off the panic and download all our passion into fervent prayer. (click to tweet)  It is not easy to choose to be still in prayer and resist spinning into action of some sort.  It is still hard for me.

My friend, Jodie Berndt’s books below really helped me to learn to pray proactively.

Praying the scriptures for your child                      praying the scriptures for your teenager

These Passionate Mom printables (click on the printable) are less detailed than Jodie’s books but will get you started on your way to being panic free!

The Passionate Mom: 10 Ways to Pray For Your Child Printable    10 Ways to pray for your teen

The above is an excerpt from The Passionate Mom.

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