Genesis 9 and 10: The Table of Nations



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This article was written by Hayley Mizell, producer of Bible Book Club.

Here we are, back at the fertile crescent. We talk about this area so much I need to put this place on my bucket list.

We start our episode by learning about Noah’s 3 sons: Ham, Shem, and Japheth. These 3 boys are important as from their lines–we get the table of nations (see map below). This story is even relevant today because as the brothers fought over land then, their descendants are still doing so today. Susan and Heather break down Noah’s prophesy over his sons; Buck chimes in about the significance of the ‘fertile crescent.’ It’s a packed episode so listen up!


Today’s Bible bender for me was over the comparison between Eve and Ham/Canaan. In Genesis 9: 22-23 we read how Ham’s reaction drastically differed from his brother’s over his father’s nakedness. It was here that Susan said, “Ham delighted in Noah’s embarrassing situation and ridiculed him. Commentators even suggest possible sexual wrongdoing between Ham and his father. Commentators may be drawing conclusions from a comparison between Ham and Eve. Eve saw and delighted and crossed a boundary. Ham saw and delighted and crossed a boundary. But while Eve’s crossing resulted in nakedness, Ham’s crossing was because of nakedness.” I’m amazed by what different commentators can pick up on. I would have never compared the two or made that analysis. It just adds to the complexity of understanding behind the book of Genesis.

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