Genesis 7 and 8: The Epic Flood


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This article was written by Hayley Mizell, producer of Bible Book Club.

When I was younger, I had the horrible idea to watch the Titanic while on a cruise. Not my brightest moment, but thankfully, I relaxed when I realized we were in the tropics with no iceberg in sight. In today’s episode of Genesis 7, God commanded Noah to build a massive ship and unfortunately, there is no happy vacation element to this story. In fact, as Susan reminds us, the story of Noah is a bleak and epic tragedy, or in her words, a “carefully detailed and detached description of destruction.” It is this detachment that makes it easy to think of Noah’s story as a kids’ story rather than the blotting out of humanity description it really is.


While still tragic, there are some great takeaways that I have missed before in reading about Noah. In Genesis 7:16 it reads, “And the Lord shut him in.” This small phrase was my Bible bender of the week. Even in the hard moments of obedience to God, God never leaves us. Noah completed this incredible build while most likely being mocked or judged by his community. In the moment that I think would be the hardest, shutting the door and shutting out the water, God handled the closing of the door. God plays an active participation role in our lives, we just have to be obedient to what He calls us to do.

What miracles have you seen God perform in your life?



Noah’s Cruise Itinerary

Bible Note What Happens Time Passed
Genesis 7:4 It rained 40 days
Genesis 7:24 the Water prevailed 150 days including 40
Genesis 8:5 the Water receded 74 days
Genesis 8:6-12 they Waited 61 days
Genesis 8:13 Noah removed the cover 29 days
Genesis 8: 14-15 God said come out 56 days

Total time on the ark- 1 year or 370 days.

Noah Chiasmus

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