Genesis 5: 10 Generations, Adam to Noah

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This article was written by Hayley Mizell, producer of Bible Book Club.

Confession time: I’m a skipper of genealogies in the Bible. So many names back to back–I just never saw the substance behind them…until today. This episode made me feel like a detective following clues and a historian looking back in time. Comparing and contrasting the Lamechs in the same family–it was all fascinating to me. And don’t get me started on elite Enoch. Bible benders were popping up everywhere for me.


Overall, I had two major Bible benders this episode. I couldn’t narrow it to one. The first? Methuselah. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to math so I would have never realized he died the year of the flood if not for Susan. What really cinched this for me to be a Bible bender had to be what ‘Methuselah’ meant. The name Methuselah, as Susan noted, means, “his death shall bring.” I don’t think many moms would want their child’s name associated with death but that’s neither here nor there. I gasped when Susan connected the dots between Methuselah’s name and the timeline of the flood. Methuselah was a very important figure.

If that didn’t wow you, I have a bonus bender for you. Susan also listed out the meanings for all 10 generations from Adam to Noah. Spoiler alert–God is in all the details, including everyone’s name. 

The impact of this episode and its teaching spurred so many questions for me to ponder: Am I constantly stepping out in faith and walking with the Lord like Enoch and Abraham? What does my name mean? What impact will I have on my lineage?

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Names with a Message

Seth’s Line Meaning of Name Years Lived Cain’s Line
Adam man 930 years Adam
Seth appointed 912 years Cain
Enosh mortal 905 years Enoch
Kenan sorrow 910 years Irad
Mahelil the Blessed God 895 years Mehujael
Jarrod shall come down 962 years Methushael
Enoch teaching 365 years Lamech
Methusalah his death shall bring 969 years Jabal Jubal Tubal-Cain
Lamech the despairing  777 years  
Noah relief or comfort 950 years  

The Message: Man [is] appointed [to] mortal sorrow; [but] the Blessed God shall come down teaching; His death shall bring the despairing rest, or comfort.

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