genesis 49

Genesis 49: The Prophecy Grows


This article was written by Hayley Mowatt, producer of Bible Book Club.

Genesis 49 is a hefty chapter where Jacob prophecies for his 12 sons that make up the 12 tribes of Israel. From sweet prophecies of victory to sad prophecies of attack–Jacob delivers his telling directly. Susan and Heather discuss the various histories, outcomes, and lessons that come from each of the 12 tribes.


While the 12 tribes and their outcomes were very interesting to me. My Bible bender came at the end of the episode where Susan pointed out how God used all of Jacob’s sons together as a unit. He used them, in sin and in obedience, in their weakness and strength. He redeemed them as he redeems us. They were the people of God then, as we, who believe, are the people of God today. As I pondered this, I asked myself which one of the brothers do I most identify with? 

Which prophecy would you have wanted from the list?



The Tribal Allotments of Israel

tribal allotments of israel

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