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Genesis 47 and 48: Jacob and Joseph: Leaders You Can Learn From


This article was written by Hayley Mowatt, producer of Bible Book Club.

Two men–father and son: Jacob and Joseph. In Genesis 47 and 48, they take center stage. Jacob was a man who struggled with his own sin and overcame it. Joseph was a man who struggled with the sin of others and overcame it. These 2 chapters show how the paths can be different, and usually are, but God can use both journeys to execute the best plan.


Today’s Bible bender came when Jacob was giving Joseph’s sons their blessing. Jacob chooses to intentionally pass over the firstborn to give the blessing to the younger. It is a pattern that we have seen many times now. The Bible bender came when Susan explained why this is important: God loves the seconds, people who are not perfect, but flawed. People humbled by circumstances, relying on God, conscious that it is His Grace that sustains them, people who have a heart for God. It was definitely a moment to ponder and pray about. How can I put myself second more so God can be glorified?

What was your Bible bender today?



Strategic Leadership: The Essential Skills by Harvard Business Review

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