genesis 45

Genesis 45 and 46: Joseph’s Unexpected Save

This article was written by Hayley Mowatt, producer of Bible Book Club.

We are so close to finishing Genesis! We last left off in the reunion scene between Joseph and Judah. Judah just gave a long speech beseeching Joseph to take him in place of Benjamin. In this instance, Joseph sees firsthand how the hearts of his brothers have changed. It is such a sweet moment and Joseph is not shy with his tears.


While there are multiple points in today’s story that were new to me (Susan always surprises me with the knowledge and tidbits she brings to a classic story). I was most amazed when she did a quick study on the various names of God Jacob mentioned in Genesis. In Genesis 28-35, we see God called Yahweh (God), Elohim (Mighty), El Shaddai (God All Sufficient), Ha’el, and Elohe (God of the Covenant). I love how the names show us that Jacob recognizes how God comes through in all circumstances in the way we need it. It is a great reminder for us even today.

What was your Bible bender today?


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