Genesis 43.5 and 44: An Unlikely Love Story

This article was written by Hayley Mowatt, producer of Bible Book Club.

In today’s episode, Joseph has a plan. Joseph’s brilliant plan is to lead his brothers back to where God wants them, united as His people, to become a great nation. To do that, Joseph knows that the family needs the truth to be brought to the light. They need to remember, repent, and return to God.


This sweet unification highlights my Bible bender moment. Like Susan said, what if your neighbor, who God commands you to love as yourself, is a brother who tried to kill you? What if they caused decades of suffering? Joseph modeled the answer for us and it is my Bible Bender to see true love illustrated so well. Where Joseph’s brothers plotted to kill, Joseph plotted to save and Jesus did the same for us. When the world decides to hate, Jesus continues to intervene with love and save us.

What was your Bible bender today?


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