Genesis 42 and 43: The Boys are Back in Town

This article was written by Hayley Mowatt, producer of Bible Book Club.

Genesis 42 and 43 display the maturity of Joseph–he has grown into his gifts. He has gained wisdom and discipline of when to use his gifts well. These chapters show Joseph meeting his brothers once again, but instead of being sold by them, they bow to him. This story is the best because Joseph is so skillful about testing his brothers, making the result that much sweeter.


My Bible bender of today’s episode was simply the 3-day principle. Susan connected many of my favorite Bible characters (Esther, Paul) who seemed to also follow this principle. The principle is to wait 3 days before making a big decision. There is something about the 3 days that gives us the time needed to see God’s plan. If it was good enough for those great people, it should be good enough for me. After today, I’m committing to being still for 3 days when faced with confusion or conflict, to ponder and pray in order to hopefully find peace and an answer from God. 

Do you follow the same 3-day principle in your life?


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