Genesis 40 and 41: Prison: A Path to the Palace


This article was written by Hayley Mowatt, producer of Bible Book Club.

Today’s episode is all about Joseph. Joseph is one of Susan’s favorite characters in the Bible and I agree with her. He suffers many times in his life but his faith was strong. Whenever he had an opportunity, he gave glory to God and humbled himself. I think Joseph’s story has a lot of nuggets that we can remember and learn from as well.


My Bible bender of Joseph’s life was just how much Joseph was foreshadowing Jesus. I knew prior to today how there were similarities between Joseph and Jesus, but never in the detail that Susan listed for us. Take a look at the table below as a fun refresher!

What was your Bible bender?



Joseph and Jesus

Joseph is often said to foreshadow Jesus. In other words, Joseph is a type of Jesus. Typology is described as God-orchestrated history that has real similarities between persons, or events. Here are some ways the life of Joseph parallels the life of Christ:

  Joseph Jesus
Beloved by his Father Israel loved Joseph more (Genesis 37:3) This is my beloved Son (Matthew 3:17)
Envied and hated without cause They saw that their father loved him more…hated him (Genesis 37:4) They hated me without a cause. (John 15:25)
Foretold that he would rule Sheaves bowed down to mine. (Genesis 37:7) Son of Man sitting at the right hand (Matthew 26:64)
Accused of being crazy/dreamer Here comes the dreamer (Genesis 37:19) He is out of his mind (Mark 3:21)
Rejected and condemned to die They plotted to kill him. (Genesis 37:20) Crucify him (Luke 23:21)
Stripped of clothing Stripped him of his coat (Genesis 37:23) Stripped him (Matthew 27:28)
Thrown into a pit, alone, forsaken Thrown into a cistern (Genesis 37:24) Three days and three nights in earth (Matthew 12:40)
Sold for silver 20 pieces of silver to Ishmaelites (Genesis 37:28) Thirty pieces of silver to the Pharisees (Matthew 26:15)
Became a servant To Potiphar (Genesis 39:3) Took the form of a servant (Philippians 2:7)
Resisted temptation Potiphar’s wife (Genesis 39:7-12) Tempted in the wilderness (Matthew 4)
Falsely accused Potiphar’s wife (Genesis 39:17-18) Many testified falsely (Mark 14:56)
Amazed others with wisdom None as wise as you (Genesis 4:39) They were amazed at his wisdom (Matthew 13:54)
Promoted to honor (Genesis 41) God has exalted (Phillipians 2:9)
All bow down to (Genesis 41-43) Every knee should bow (Phillippians 2:10)
Provided bread All came to buy grain from Joseph (Genesis 41:57) I am the bread of life (John 5:35)
His people did not recognize (Genesis 42:8) Not recognized by the Jews
Revelation and reconciliation  I am Joseph, whom you sold (Genesis 45:3-9) All Israel will be saved as it is written (Romans 11:26)


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