Genesis 4: Cain and Abel


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This article was written by Hayley Mizell, producer of Bible Book Club.

Do you have a sibling? I do. 

In this episode, in Genesis 4, we have a rather unfortunate sibling story ending in…murder. Yikes. Well, note to self: don’t take after the first siblings, Cain and Abel. Thankfully, my sister and I love each other. The story of Cain and Abel is the second contrast between a good or evil choice and follows right after Adam and Eve’s epic mistake. God is clearly trying to make us aware that choices are important.  Susan and Heather did not fail and provided a clear map for us to follow of the path to wise or unwise choices. See The Path to Good or Evil printable below and use it to help you on your path.  


My aha moment this episode? The theme of alienation and exile. I knew that we should not see this world as our home, looking forward to heaven as home, but I hadn’t connected all the dots through the Bible. I hadn’t thought in-depth of how this theme carried from Adam and Eve to Abraham, to the nation of Israel, and ultimately, to us. It is just another way God foreshadows Jesus and his coming again.

Do you consider yourself an alien? How does that perspective change your daily life?



Cycle of Exile

    Living in Command Break Command Exile
Genesis 3 Adam + Eve Garden Trust and obey Ate fruit to be like God From Eden–forever
Genesis 4 Cain  Outside of Eden Worship Brought a poor offering East of Eden and out of God’s presence
Genesis 11 First People Pre-Babylon Faithful to God Built Tower of Babylon to be like God Dispersed. Then Abraham–Israel told to leave that he would be a great nation
Exodus Israel Released from captivity in Egypt Be Faithful Worshiped other Gods Wandered in the desert
  Israel Promise Land Be Faithful Disobey + worshiped other gods Exiled back to Babylon where Abraham started
  Today     None-in Christ  

The Path to Good or Evil 

An Analysis of the Heart

  Abel Cain
Work: animals crops
Choice of Offering: first born some fruit
Heart Attitude: really cared sin: didn’t care
God: found favor lost favor
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