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Genesis 3: The Fall


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This post was written by Hayley Mizell, producer of Bible Book Club.

Last week we discovered the path Adam and Eve encountered in paradise and the path we encounter every day. Susan hinted that this path was setting the scene for when the perfect world cracked. Cue Satan.

Genesis 3 is a little disturbing to think about. When you hear “Satan” or “devil”, what do you imagine? Do you picture a demonic-looking creature? A huge snake? Do you think of him as an adversary to God or even still, a mythical story? I think people, myself included, forget about Satan too often. Just because he is an invisible villain, doesn’t mean he isn’t constantly attacking us every which way. Spiritual warfare is very real.

Hayley’s Bible Bender:

If you didn’t guess it, my major takeaway—Bible Bender– of the week was the first choice on the path: Engage or flee (see diagram below). It hit me that everything I do is the result of my decisions. My decision to engage with the devil or flee from Satan determines his influence in my life. I make the choice!

I will be printing The Path to Good or Evil Diagram Susan mentioned and analyzing my choices a lot more. I’ll also take time this week to ponder Susan’s application questions: How does Satan tempt you to sin? Is there a pattern or theme to your temptations? What can you do to master your temptations?  

What points in the path do you need to re-evaluate for your life today? See you next week!

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The Path to Good or Evil

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