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Genesis 2: God Created Us


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This article was written by Hayley Mizell, producer of Bible Book Club.

Glad you made it to Genesis 2 with us! Last week in Chapter 1, we got a fresh perspective on God creating our world. This week, is more personal…a glimpse of how God made us. If you look around today, you see the media, influencers, doctors, you name it- all attempting to answer the same question: who are we? Identity seems to be the crisis of my generation.

When listening to Susan and Heather, I realized we already have the answer to an even bigger question: Whose am I? We are God’s creation. I love how the point was made that while God spoke all of creation into existence, He chose to form us from dust and breathed into Adam. He chose to fill Adam (and us) with the breath of His life. I love how personally involved God got in the creation of man and woman.

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Although the above thought was sweet, it was not my “aha” moment. That moment came when Heather and Susan covered the creation of woman. (What can I say, I get more excited when it applies to me!) I know many females, including myself, that struggle with our feminine roles being defined by others. These definitions often sadly imprison us to one of two blunt categories: baby-makers or sexual pleasure vessels. I love seeing that scripture proves otherwise. Our creation was primarily for companionship. We were made to be counterparts to Adam. I love how Susan explained, “Eve was taken from Adam’s breast, not head (to be above him) nor feet (to be beneath him) but to be near his heart and to stand at his side.” I find that incredibly freeing. 

Going from the what: the creation of man and woman, Susan and Heather finished this week’s episode with the why. Why did God create man and the world? Why am I here?  In simple terms, God’s motive was simply so we can glorify him. Knowing this ultimate purpose, how does your everyday change? 

What are you passionately pursuing? Do you look at social media more than you look at the Bible? Or do you talk to your friends more than you talk to God? Do you know more about your career plan than God’s eternal plans? It’s something to ponder before next week’s episode where our newly created, perfect world cracks.

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