genesis 19

Genesis 18 and 19: The Stranger Angel Conversations Part 2


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This article was written by Hayley Mizell, producer of Bible Book Club.

Genesis 19, this week we continue with the Stranger Conversation series. Outside of reminding Abraham of God’s promise of a son for him, he also lets Abraham in on the upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham is concerned out of his love for Lot, who currently lives in Sodom. 


Previously when I had read this passage, I always focused on Abraham and found him to be a little annoying. How many times is he going to question God? (I’m probably sensitive about Abraham because he reminds me of myself.) So, needless to say, I’m glad the discussion between Susan and Heather actually led me to see Abraham’s questioning from God’s point of view. God sees his son’s questioning as a learning moment, not a son who is questioning out of anger or defiance. I love how God lovingly shows Abraham that the destruction is warranted and Lot will be protected out of love for Abraham. It just shows how sweet of a father the Lord is. Learning the multiple facets of God is always going to be a Bible bender for me.


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