Genesis 13: Abraham and Lot


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This article was written by Hayley Mizell, producer of Bible Book Club.

Some vacations seem to stick with you longer than others. You could look back at the vacation in a positive way and remember the good memories, family bonding, fun experiences. Or you could look back at them for the negative experiences, the arguments that occurred, or the long-lasting consequences that came from that trip. Abraham’s Egypt trip? Definite negative category. The detour to Egypt (in Genesis 13) meant separation for Abraham and Lot as well as it caused Abraham to stray from God’s plans in Canaan.


My Bible bender came from the littlest detail Susan pinpointed in chapter 13 where Lot and Abraham’s separation was foreshadowed within the sentence structure. In chapter 12, when Abram leaves Ur and initially sets out for Canaan, “he takes his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot and all the possessions they had accumulated.” In chapter 13 when Abram sets out from Egypt, “he takes his wife and all he had. And Lot with him And Lot who was traveling with Abram also had flocks, herds, and tents.” Having Lot and his belongings separated into a different sentence points to this future separation of Lot from Abram. The English major in me loves that kind of bender. It just proves how much meaning there is with everything in the Bible– the words, the structure, the punctuation. It was all done with intention by God.

Are you on a detour from the path to Good today? Let’s learn from Abram and come back to God’s plan.



The Path to Good or Evil 

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