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Genesis 1: God Created


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Welcome back, friends! (This is Hayley.)

Susan and Heather covered a lot of ground this week, going from just 2 verses in Genesis 1 last episode to an entire chapter this week. I love that we never know what to expect, we just get cozy and settle in to listen. For some, this might be the first time hearing the creation story but most of us have probably heard it at least once. For me, it’s simply always been the passage where God created. So, a new perspective on these verses was welcomed and Susan and Heather delivered.  

Hayley’s Bible Bender

The Bible bender of this episode was the fresh perspective Susan and Heather gave me through seeing the world *literally* from the astronauts’ perspective. It was the shift I needed to really pause and attempt to feel how God felt when he was creating our world. 

The clip from the Apollo crew was the cherry of this episode because I grew up on “the space coast.” However, while my space knowledge is above average, I was not alive for the Apollo missions. It was nice to bring my two worlds together in such an unexpected way.

This book club meeting left me with two questions to ponder until the next episode. I hope you take some time to pause and ponder them too. First, do you try to understand God’s perspective enough? God created the world and everything in it from nothing–have we really thought about what that would have been like? Second, are we being inspired by God’s view of the world and the gift he gave us regularly? I think both questions will show me where I can gain more humility and gratefulness in my relationship with God. See you next week!

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Earthrise Pictureearthrise

Apollo 8 Christmas Eve Recording

Earthrise Video Simulation


Image and Video Source: NASA

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