Exodus 1-2: God Floats Hope


This article was written by Hayley Mowatt, producer of Bible Book Club.

We pick up 400 years after the close of Genesis and we open in Egypt with the Israelites stuck in captivity. Today’s episode specifically brings us to Moses’ birth. Moses was born into a time fraught with oppression to his people–Egyptians were taking extreme measures to keep control over the Israelite masses from infanticide and then finally, drownings. 


My Bible bender of the day came when Susan outlined the theme of the birth of a child as an instrument to God’s plan. I hadn’t seen this theme so clearly until she laid it out for us–Moses, Isaac, Samson, Samuel, and then Jesus. The theme was reoccurring for sure. I love how God keeps to these themes so that we can clearly see his hand in orchestrating his plan. He is the best teacher!

What was your Bible bender of today’s episode?


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