Michael Hyatt Platform Conference
Lessons I Learned Passionate Mom

Platform Prepping For The Passionate Mom Book Release

I am in the zone–the two months to book launch zone.  The pressure is building to prepare a platform, build my home base, expand my social media reach, and create a WOW experience for moms.

I am out of my comfort zone.

Growing iMOM.com was much more comfortable than growing my platform for The Passionate MOM book release.  So, I am at the Platform Conference to learn from the master, Michael Hyatt (above with Courtney Rohrdanz, our resident iMOM.com web and social media expert).

I am not here to be comfortable but to take risks.

It is risky to try to do something you never thought you could do or even wanted to do.  I don’t really want a “platform.”  I just want to help moms be the best they can be.  But Michael says if you want them to see and hear you above the noise of the world you have to build your “platform.”

I would do that for you, in the hopes that you will hear me.  Because when the book releases I am hoping you will leave your comfort zone and read The Passionate Mom…Dare To Parent In Today’s World.  And I am hoping that you will become a passionate mom daring to parent your child in today’s world with confidence.

Will you?

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