Mother-Daughter Bucket List

When my daughter Emily was a senior at Samford University, she had big plans for the entire year. To make those plans, she and her roommates made a “Senior Bucket List” and pinned it to the fridge.

The list was fun to read and, at the same time, a kick in the gut. Time is a vapor, it just floats away from us. I needed to make moments happen with my girls, but it took really careful planning because they were busy and living in different cities. I realized that I needed a bucket list to make sure I captured some moments with my kids. So I took a stab at this one and a Mother-Son Bucket List. It’s a list with no age limit and no deadline. Personalize it to fit your own interests and your girls’ ages.  Just remember: It’s not about how many items you cross off, but rather that you complete them together.

This is still a great reminder for me today, as I watch my children become parents. I look forward to capturing moments with my grandchildren, too.

Mother-Daughter Bucket List

  1. Develop a signature family recipe.
  2. See a Broadway play.
  3. Get in the car and spontaneously drive somewhere.
  4. Take a mother-daughter trip abroad.
  5. Have a mother-daughter photoshoot. Include Grandma in the photoshoot to make it extra special (from Megan B
  6. Bury a time capsule.
  7. Complete a physical challenge: climb a mountain, hike a trail, run/walk a marathon, etc.
  8. Write a list of qualities that your daughter should look for in a man.
  9. Serve at a local shelter.
  10. Plan an outing for every holiday: pumpkin patch, Christmas tea, etc.
  11. Get a free makeover at a department store.
  12. Do a Bible study together.
  13. Plant a garden with your favorite flowers.
  14. Go to a weekend arts/crafts class.
  15. Make homemade ice cream.
  16. See your favorite sports team play live.
  17. Have a classic movie marathon.
  18. Go on a special shopping spree.
  19. Play in the rain.
  20. Redecorate your daughter’s room.
  21. Learn how to change a tire. (Hopefully not because you have a flat!)
  22. Explore the local places you’ve never been.
  23. Get up early and watch the sunrise.
  24. See each of your favorite bands together.
  25. Go shopping and try on outfits you would never think of purchasing.
  26. Have karaoke night.
  27. Update and paint a room in your house.
  28. Visit every local museum.
  29. Have a spa weekend: at-home or out and about.
  30. Visit a big city for a weekend.
  31. Do something only your daughter has always wanted to do.
  32. Do something only your mom has always wanted to do.
  33. Try something that challenges your fears together. If you have different fears to overcome switch off and be a support for one another… Skydiving anyone? 
  34. Give Grandma a surprise. Take her out spontaneously. Double Mother-Daughter Day! (from Elaine Wu)
  35. Look at baby photos of both of you and reminisce together; share ancestor stories/favorite memories. (from Anita)
  36. Lay in the grass in the summer together and make pictures out of the clouds. (from Stephanie B)
  37. Journal: From when they’re little, keep track of it in a journal so they can have it later. Add pics to it if you want :). (from Keechlet Momma)
  38. My daughter and I did pottery together. She loved it and now wants to start a collection (from Patricia)
  39. Test drive or rent your dream car (that you have no intention of buying) together. (from Ashli)
  40. How about dancing? Just turn on music at-home and dance until you drop. Or play old songs and show her how to do the moves :). (from Stephanie Fuller)
  41. Go out and get a special dessert together. (from Heather)
  42. Start a family cookbook to save all the special family recipes and pass them on to the next generation (don’t forget to cook your way through it too!) (from Nj Mom
  43. Create a surprise dinner for the men (father, brother, boyfriend, husband, etc.) in your life, while they are out on a father/son adventure. Pick a theme; Mexican Fiesta, Summer Picnic, Fabulous Fondue, etc. Light candles, share memories, be their waitresses…make it spectacular! (from Angela B)
  44. Dress up: Do each other’s hair and makeup. Dress in fancy dresses and have a nice dinner party. Make sure to take pictures together. (This can be done at any and all ages and is a great reminder that beauty is external AND internal!) (from Kaynaydian)

    New Call-to-action

    A commenter below had a great idea to make the bucket list image a cover for a book! You can download both the Mother-Daughter and the Father-Daughter covers below. 
    Download the Mother-Daughter Bucket List Cover Printable.
    Download the Father-Daughter Bucket List Cover Printable.

Add to this list…Tell me what’s on your mother/daughter bucket list?

The Mother-Daughter Bucket List was such a hit that we wanted to create more. I hope your family creates as many memories with them as mine has: Mother-Son Bucket ListFather-Son Bucket List, and Husband and Wife Bucket List. And if you’d like to see your daughter’s relationship with her father thrive, try the Father-Daughter Bucket List or these daddy-daughter date ideas

If you enjoyed these bucket lists, feel free to share them with your friends. In a comment below, let us know which bucket list items you’ve tried!

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